On-line registration

On-line registration is now available at the website: here.

The website stays open throughout the conference for credit-card, convenience store payments and bank transfer in Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa Co., Ltd.

On the conference days, on-site registration will be available at the reception desk where both of the credit-card and cash payments are acceptable.

  Reservations of accommodations

Reservations of accommodations during the Conference is now available at the website: here

Reservations of accommodations due: from May 1st to September 26th, 2018

Please note that only those who have already registered for pre-registration can book your accommodation.

For those booking their own accommodation through other hotel booking sites, hotels relatively close to the venue are;

  Registration Fees

  • from May 1st to August 31st.
    • JNNS regular members: 6,000 JPY.
    • JNNS student members: 3,000 JPY.
    • Non-regular members: 12,000 JPY.
    • Non-student members: 6,000 JPY.

  • from September 1st to October 18th.
    • JNNS regular members: 8,000 JPY.
    • JNNS student members: 4,000 JPY.
    • Non-regular members: 15,000 JPY.
    • Non-student members: 8,000 JPY.

  • from October 19th.
  • Please contact to JNNS2018 conference desk in Travel Division, Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa Co., Ltd. by e-mail "jnns2018@ntaoka.co.jp"