On-line registration

On-line registration is now available at the website: here.

The website stays open throughout the conference for credit-card, convenience store payments and bank transfer in Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa Co., Ltd.

On the conference days, on-site registration will be available at the reception desk where both of the credit-card and cash payments are acceptable.

  Reservations of accommodations

Reservations of accommodations during the Conference is now available at the website: here

Reservations of accommodations due: from May 1st to September 26th, 2018

Please note that only those who have already registered for pre-registration can book your accommodation.

For those booking their own accommodation through other hotel booking sites, hotels relatively close to the venue are;

  Registration Fees

  • from May 1st to August 31st.
    • JNNS regular members: 6,000 JPY.
    • JNNS student members: 3,000 JPY.
    • Non-regular members: 12,000 JPY.
    • Non-student members: 6,000 JPY.

  • from September 1st to October 18th.
    • JNNS regular members: 8,000 JPY.
    • JNNS student members: 4,000 JPY.
    • Non-regular members: 15,000 JPY.
    • Non-student members: 8,000 JPY.

  • from October 19th.
  • Please contact to JNNS2018 conference desk in Travel Division, Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa Co., Ltd. by e-mail "jnns2018@ntaoka.co.jp"

    Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable regardless of cancellation reasons.

  Visa to enter Japan

For general information about visas to enter Japan, please visit the link HERE.

We can provide documents for those who need to apply for a visa to come to Japan to participate in JNNS2018.
In order for us to issue an official invitation letter, please follow the instruction below.

  1. Register your attendance and complete the payment procedure.
  2. Fill in the part of the Visa Applicant in the invitation letter and the itinerary in Japan.
  3. Send them with a scanned copy of your passport page (with a password if you would) and your postal address to the secretariat at <ncus@oist.jp> by September 10th.

We will mail you a signed invitation letter as soon as we confirm your registration and payment.

Please note that you are responsible for collecting and submitting required documents for your Visa application and making travel arrangements.