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Last Update: April 17, 2013

Japanese Neural Network Society

News and Events

≪Events  organized by JNNS≫

  • The Annual Conference Neuro2013
    June 20(Thu)-23(Sun), 2013
    Kyoto International Conference Center

  • The Annual Conference JNNS2012
    Sep.12-14, 2012
    Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • ≪Events co-sponsored by JNNS≫

  • How to join JNNS ?

    To join us, fill the application form▼, print it, and sign manually.
    Then send it to :

    JNNS Office
    Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute,
    680-41 Kawazu, Iizuka  8200067
    Fukuoka Japan

    E-mail :jnns@flsi.cird.or.jp


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