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Last Update: April 1, 2013

Japanese Neural Network Society



Physics describes and analyzes matters. Mathematics elucidates principles of events and relationship among them. Physiology accumulates knowledge on life and vital phenomena. Psychology bridges the profoundness between the knowledge and our mind and consciousness. Then the field of neural networks synthesizes these disciplines with respective viewpoints. At the same time, it aims the usefulness in engineering applications.

The present world is full of challenges. It means our great chance. Among them, we have the problem of aging of population and society. Japan is the top runner in this aspect, and many countries, Asian countries in particular, is catching up with higher speed, having large diversity in their backgrounds. New words such as platinum society and supermature society represent the near future world very well. The progress in human measurements has enabled us to gather a large amount of data everyday, i.e., the big data. The medical services are to obtain the ability to include individual difference and life style diversity. The neural network technology is effective and/or promising in the relevant areas of physical health including the brain, mental health, and the harmony among human societies.

Another problem is natural and human disasters. The analysis on the human position data obtained with the GPS (global positioning system) in the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 is extracting the human beings' behavior and their thoughts in the disaster. In these years, satellites observe the land motion globally in detail with a high spatial and temporal resolution. Living on the Asia-Pacific rim, the world's accumulation of seismic origins, we find higher importance of international cooperation on data acquisition and analyses. The study area extends also to urbanization, deforestation and crop growth. Even in such fields, we can expect the advantages of neural network approaches.

The JNNS pushes ahead with international interaction, in particular with stress on the viewpoint of Japan among the Asia-Pacific countries and regions, to take advantages of the regions' diversity and, then, to become a society truly respected by the world and enjoyed by the members. World problems beckon us onward. Let's challenge!

April 2013
Akira Hirose, President

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