Regulations for the Journal Editorial Committee

1. The Society shall edit and periodically publish the Japanese Journal and The Brain and Neural Networks in order to publish original books and articles written by Members and to furnish important information to Members.
(The Brain and Neural Networks shall be the Journal of the Society.

2. The Journal shall be published about four times a year.

3. The Regulations for Submissions to the Journal shall be determined separately and set forth in the Journal.

4. In order to edit the Journal, the Journal Editorial Committee shall be established by the Society (hereinafter referred to as the “Editorial Committee”).

5. The Editorial Committee shall be comprised of an Editor in Chief (hereinafter referred to as “Chairperson,”), a Deputy Editor in Chief, and a few Editors.
If it is necessary, one or two Editorial Managers may be assigned from among the Editors.

6. The Chairperson shall be nominated with the approval of the Board of Directors.

7. The Term of the Chairperson shall be two (2) years, and the Chairperson may be reappointed once.

8. The Deputy Editor in Chief, Editors, and Editorial Manager(s) shall be delegated by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors based on recommendation of the Chairperson.

9. The Chairperson shall oversee editorial operations.

10. The Chairperson shall report to regular meetings of the Board of Directors the status of the Committee’s activities, finances, and so on.

11. The Deputy Editor in Chief shall assist the Chairperson and substitute his/her duties if the Chairperson cannot perform those duties because of accidents or equivalent events.

12. The Editorial Committee shall be convened by the Chairperson.

13. The Editorial Committee shall perform the following operations in relation to editing the Journal.

 [1] Planning of the Journal

 [2] Request for writing explanations, seminars, any other invited articles, and so forth.

 [3] Reading by a referee or request for reading of articles by a referee, research flash report, reference materials, and so on.

 [4] Determination of publication of articles, research flash report, reference materials, and so on.

 [5] Recommendation of articles to the English Journal and Neural Networks

 [6] Any other operations related to editing of the Journal

14. The Editorial Committee shall perform the following operations at the delegation of the President.

 [1] Exchange of academic information with related academic societies

 [2] Exchange and presentation of journals

 [3] Publicity and dissemination of society activities.

 [4] Any other necessary operations

15. The Chairperson may delegate part of editorial clerical affairs and may assign clerical staff as appropriate.

16. The Chairperson may delegate a few Article Committee Members to perform operations under Article 13, paragraph 3.

17. The Term of the Editor and the Article Committee Member shall last two (2) years and the time of assuming the post and resignation shall be determined by the Chairperson, provided, however, that such Members may be reappointed.

18. The Internal Regulations for reading by referee and publication of articles shall separately be determined.

19. Amendment of these Regulations shall require a resolution of the Board of Directors.


Supplementary Rule

These Regulations shall be in effect as of January 1, 2003.