Regulations for Advisers

1. Several Advisers shall be delegated by the Society.

2. An Adviser shall be a Regular Member or any other individual who falls under any of the following and has contributed to the development of the Society or the fields of subject of the Society
and who was recommended by the Board of Directors in accordance with the procedures determined herein.

 1) A Regular Member who is/was a Director/Inspector or a Member who has made significant contributions to the Society

 2) An Officer of the societies, industries, and so on that are related to the Society

3. A candidate for Adviser shall be proposed to the Board of Directors by recommendation of the President.

4. If the candidate for Adviser satisfies the qualifications for Adviser provided for in Article 2 hereof and there is no other reason to prevent it,
the Board of Directors shall recommend the candidate to Adviser by a resolution of the Board of Directors.

5. If a resolution on the recommendation of Adviser was adopted by the Board of Directors,
the President shall notify the person to that effect and obtain his/her consent and shall publish the name and other information in the Journal of the Society.

6. The term of an Adviser shall generally be two (2) years, and he/she shall be reelected after the election of the Directors is held. An Adviser may be reappointed.

7. A Regular Member Adviser shall have all the rights of a Regular Member.

8. The President may allow Advisers to attend the meetings deemed necessary and may refer matters to the Advisers.

9. Amendments to these Regulations shall require a resolution of the Board of Directors.


Supplementary Rule

These Regulations shall be in effect as of January 1, 2003.