Regulations for Honorary Members

1. Recommendation and determination of Honorary Members of the Society provided for in the Regulations for the Society, Article 6, paragraph 4 shall be made in accordance with these Regulations.

2. Candidates for Honorary Member shall be proposed to the Board of Directors by the President based on the recommendation of a Director or an Inspector of the Society.

3. To qualify for recommendation for Honorary Member, the person shall be a Member of the Society who has a record of Regular Membership of more than ten (10) years,
   who is over 60 years old at the date of recommendation, who has contributed to the development of the Society for many years or to the progress of the subject fields of the Society, and who satisfies any of the following requirements:

  1) The person used to be President or Vice President of the Society.

  2) The person served as Director or Inspector for more than six (6) years.

  3) The person is an Adviser to the Society and has achieved special merits.

 [2] A person who has achieved special merits in the subject fields of the Society or who has particularly contributed to development of the Society may be recommended to Honorary Member, notwithstanding the requirements listed under the preceding paragraph.

4. The Board of Directors shall determine recommendation of the candidate for Honorary Member if the person satisfies the requirements for Honorary Member provided for in the Regulations for the Society and the preceding paragraph of these Regulations,
   and there is no particular reason to prevent it.

5. If a resolution of recommendation of Honorary Member was adopted by the Board of Directors,
   the President shall give notice to the person and obtain his/her consent and shall present the Honorary Member Certificate at the next General Meeting or any other appropriate occasion and publish his/her name and other information in the Bulletin of the Society.

6. Any amendments to these Regulations shall require the resolution of the Board of Directors.

 Supplementary Rule

 These Regulations shall be in effect as of January 1, 2003.